The Porter County Substance Abuse Council is a membership coalition working to reduce substance abuse in the county. The activities of the council are decided by the membership, the management of the council is determined by the Board of Directors.


President, Tim Beach, Ogden Dunes Police Department

Vice President, Sgt. Larry LaFlower, Porter County Sheriff's Department

Secretary, Tracy Traut

Treasurer, Chris Buyer, Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile Probation

Board Members

Chuck Harris, Porter County Coroner

April Russ, Probation Officer, Adult Probation

Brenda Sheetz, Porter County Community Foundation

Mike Eddy, Pastor, Concerned Community Representative, Religious Sector Leader

Every member of the Board of Director must sign the PCSAC's Code of Ethics.



Dawn Pelc, Executive Director

Patti Lembcke, Partners for Success, Senior Grant Manager

Stephanie Stephenson, Drug Free Community, Senior Grant Manager


Our Council Members