Drop Box Locations

Six police departments and one Walgreen’s accept prescription medications at their drop boxes anytime throughout the year. They are available to dispose of your unused, expired and unwanted medications. Call the department for additional disposal information.

Valparaiso Police Department

355 S. Washington Street Valparaiso


Portage Police Department

6260 Central Avenue Portage


Hebron Police Department

125 N. Main Street Hebron


Porter Police Department

50 Francis Street, Porter


Chesterton Police Department

790 Broadway, Chesterton


Porter County Sheriff’s Department

2755 S. Indiana 49, Valparaiso



6001 Central Avenue, Portage


Reasons to Properly Dispose of Old Medications

Taking the Wrong or Expired Drugs

When drugs become out-of-date or aren’t well labeled, it is easy for someone who is sick or confused, or simply can’t see well to swallow the wrong ones. One way to prevent problems for these patients is to dispose of the drugs as they expire or as they are no longer required.

Drugs Get into the Wrong Hands

When drugs are not disposed of correctly, they can easily fall into the wrong hands. It may be a teenager who helps himself to his grandparent’s medication, a curious toddler who puts everything in her mouth, or a trash picker combing through the dumpster.

Drugs in the Environment

When any substance, including a drug is flushed down the toilet it becomes a part of the water supply. It can leech into ground water if you have a septic system. If you are on a community sewer system, it enters the water supply after waste water treatment. Studies of drinking water supplies in the United States have reported traces of pharmaceutical drugs in every metropolitan area’s water resources.

Be a part of the solution to dispose of prescriptions in a responsible manner. If you would like additional information, call 219-462-0946.