Sticker Shock

Sticker Shock is a program that engages various sectors of the community in spreading the word of prevention of underage drinking by placing stickers on containers of alcohol in an approved retailer location. The sticker “Think Twice” reinforces the law that it is illegal to purchase alcohol for anyone under the age of 21 and bullet points the consequences of fines and jail time for those doing so.

A group of six volunteer students from area high schools are accompanied officers and a teacher to an outlet that sells alcohol. With the consent and knowledge of the retailer, they will adhere a sticker to each package as a reminder not to purchase for minors.

This activity encourages adolescents to become proactive and engage in community action. Students are supervised by police officers and parental permission is required to participate. There is no charge for the alcohol outlet to participate in this activity.

If your school group would like to participate, please call Patti at 219-462-0946 for training, supplies and obtain a list of participating retailers. If you are a retailer interested in this project, Patti will be able to answer all of your questions.


(Group pose after tagging all the alcohol in the liquor department. A giant thumbs up after completing the Sticker Shock project. (L to R) Bottom row: Brianna Meade, Sydney Evans, Madison Batthauer and Katie Evans. Top Row: (L to R) Ean Johnston and Coroner Chuck Harris.)

Coroner Chuck Harris and Sydney Evans Spearhead Sticker Shock Program at Strack and Van Til’s

Throughout the week, Strack and Van Til customers at the Calumet Avenue store in Valparaiso will be surprised to find that area students were busy over the weekend tagging cases of beer and cartons of alcoholic beverages with stickers that read, “Think Twice, providing alcohol to minors is illegal!”

Sydney Evans, a Valparaiso High student organized a group of friends to participate in the Sticker Shock Campaign at the Strack and Van Til’s store on Calumet Avenue in Valparaiso. Sydney worked with Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris to bring the message to adults that may not know the consequences of providing alcohol to those under the age of 21. Indiana has a social host law that states if adults allow minors to consume alcohol or purchase alcohol for a minor they will face harsh consequences. “Parent’s need to know that having a party for under age kids is wrong,” “it is wrong for the kids and it is wrong for the parents, said Sydney.

“Some parents are under the impression if they monitor the party, take the keys from the drivers and have them in a safe environment it is okay to serve them,” “It’s not,” said Council President, Officer Tim Beach. This project is a visual reminder that it is not okay to host minors. “We have worked in tandem with Strack and Van Til’s on getting this message out earlier this year and hopefully we will be able to continue to do so,” said Harris. The message is clear and having the kids involved in the project reinforces peer-to-peer learning. “Youth are a pivotal component to all the programming at the Porter County Substance Abuse Council and it is critical to involve them in activities aimed at reducing underage drinking – they are communicating the message to their peers,” said Executive Director Dawn Pelc.