Speakers Bureau

Committee Chair Gina Pike leads a cadre of professionals in an effort to “get the word” out to students by presenting the Overdose Lifeline program in area schools. The age appropriate information is condensed into a 45 minute presentation and is a natural fit for health classes in the middle and high school age bracket.

In addition to Overdose Lifeline, a presentation is available that highlights the resources of the Substance Abuse Council and touches on popular topics such as: drugs and the teen brain; substance use disorder as a public health issue; proper prescription medication disposal; marijuana as a gateway drug; and alcohol server training. We will be happy to customize a program for your club, school, or other community organization. These presentations are appropriate for adults and we are able to expand or condense on an as needed basis.

The Porter County Substance Abuse Council has over 27 years of experience serving the county by providing education; advocacy; skill building for professionals and parents; and providing trending and current information related to substance use.

Contact Patti Lembcke at 219-462-0946 to schedule a presentation.