Positive Ticketing

We have gotten the green light from middle schools in the county to pilot this program in collaboration with the School Resource Officers (SRO). According to data collected in focus groups, students indicated that communities lack youth recognition for a job well done. Gone are the days of neighbors knowing who lives on the other side of the fence. The youth perceive the only kind of attention they get is for what adults notice them doing wrong not right, otherwise there is little if no relationship at all. They feel defeated and in turn show lack of community spirit and engagement. In an effort to turn the table on this mindset we have adopted a program that will hopefully break this cycle. This evidence-based program is relatively simple, yet powerfully effective, meaningful and has the potential to build positive relationships with school personnel, police officers and other adults. It is effective for three reasons. First, it is completely proactive. Second, it focuses on the root cause. Third, its source of energy is synergy. We are currently offering this program at Wheeler High School with SRO Lt. Larry LaFlower taking the lead on this activity. Officer LaFlower will make notes students that goes beyond standard protocol with fellow students or teaching staff and displays a leadership role. The student will be rewarded for their initiate by receiving a token of appreciation like a $5 Dairy Queen card, McDonald’s card, movie ticket or other gesture of gratitude. If you would like to participate by donating small items to this program, please call Patti at 219-462-0946 or if you would like your school to be involved with Positive Ticketing, please contact Patti.