Indiana Board of Pharmacy Prescription Monitoring Program aims to prevent abuse and diversion of controlled substances by working with the Council to engage the professional community to identify and report “doctor shoppers;” record prescription patient refills that seem suspicious before the drugs are dispensed and collect and report prescriptions that are found at the scene or during the course of routine procedures. This Indiana program is known as INSPECT.


INSPECT is one of the largest prescription monitoring programs in the country. Indiana shares data with 22 other states, widening the scope and usefulness of the information.


Pharmacies must report filled controlled substances prescriptions to INSPECT within 3 days. Beginning January 1, 2016, Indiana Code requires pharmacies to report these filled prescriptions within 24 hours.


INSPECT is available only to registered professionals and law enforcement, ensuring the information is available to qualified users, and is safe from those who should not have access.


INSPECT reports summarize the controlled substance prescriptions pharmacists dispense to patients, allowing practitioners and dispersers to make informed decisions about each individual patient’s care.


A series of workshops are planned throughout the year training physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, dentists, podiatrists, coroners, first responders and law enforcement agents to recover and report prescription drugs found at the scene of arrest or home of decedent.

The program is free and open to all interested professionals that write prescriptions or secure prescriptions on site. Call Patti Lemcke at 219-462-0946 to schedule a class at your location.